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Montegrimano Thermae

Anciently known as "Castrum Montis Grimani", Montegrimano Terme is set in the Conca Valley in the province of Pesaro and Urbino, just a short distance from the Republic of San Marino. Located 600 metres above sea-level with extremely pure air, it has a pleasantly mild climate where peacefulness is refreshed by a caressing sea breeze and mountain fragrance. The ever-clear horizon sweeps from enchanting and picturesque scenery to the eternal blue sea. Montegrimano, an ancient medieval castle of Montefeltro, also the former stronghold of the Earls and Dukes of Urbino, still preserves its structure in the heart of the village and spirals around its summit, enclosing the Castle's Donjon, then converted into a Civic Tower. The Quattrocento tower, built by the Montefeltro family in the 15th century, stands almost in the centre of the small square, isolated from the houses, and this characteristic location distinguishes it from others in the area and in the rest of Italy.


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Breast sculpting cream
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